Judges - keurmeesters

The judges will be:

Section / Afdeling A  dhr. T. Oravasaari from Finland

Section / Afdeling B  dhr. B. Galonska from Germany 

Section / Afdeling C  dhr. T. Jonkers from the Netherlands 


Dhr T. Oravasaari         Afdeling - Section A

Born January 21st 1965.
Judge for FCI International IPO and finnish rescue-, search- and tracking trials.
Have judged several larger competitions and Championships  at Finland.
Judge at IDC IPO World Championships 2015
Judge at Bouvier IPO World Championships 2015
Judge at Russia FCI IPO qualification 2017

Judge at FCI IPO WM 2018 (B)
Supervisor judge at FMBB 2014 and IFR 2016

Judge since 1999

With my own rottweilers I have participated to:

Finnish Championships for all breeds

Finnish Championships for Rottweiler

Nordic Championships

Rottweiler IPO World Championships (IFR)

2018 I am at following positions:

FCI Utility Dog Commision, Finland's delegate
Finnish Working Dog Association (SPKL) trail comission
Judge instructor

Benno Galonsk AfdelingB
 Dhr B. Galonska        Afdeling - Section B

Dear IFR Rottweiler Friends,

As a long-time working judge in the ADRK and having judged the IFR World Championship in Sellida, Spain, I am very pleased to be actively involved once again in this year’s IFR in Hapert, Holland. 

I want to thank the responsible IFR members and the Dutch Rottweiler friends who have entrusted and recommended me for the task as “judge” for B/Obedience.

I personally consider it very important that Rottweiler supporters and friends throughout the world come together in Hapert, as their participation continually supports international competition.

I am especially happy that the team performances this year will be presented and measured in fair competition in Holland, the neighboring country of our breed’s homeland.

And finally, this extends not only the individual horizons, but encourages friendly exchange and community of Rottweiler friends over the borders and beyond.

I wish all participants and their Rottweilers the anticipated sporting success and the spectators an interesting event.

I would like to thank the responsible people and supporters, as well as the organizing club, who, through their engagement, allows such events to continue to thrive.  They respect the meaning of IFR international philosophyand considerably contribute to the lasting promotion of our Rottweilers’ well-being.     

Dhr. T Jonkers         Afdeling - Section C


-Member of the VDH Netherlands since 1978

-Member of the SV Germany since 1991

-Member of club Rijnmond since 1978

-Member of club Oude Maas since 2000 / special member since 2016

-Member of club Schiedam since 2017


My dogs, from 1978 till today

Torro van Ralethof                 male                SchH III         Kkl 1

Nienta van Bintang Bulan      female            SchH I             Kkl 2

Bor van de Clattenburg          male                SchH III         No Korung

Conan van Beek en Kamp     male                SchH III         Kkl 2  

Xandor vom Adelplatz          male                 SchHIII          Kkl 1

Don Diego van Badomar       male                SchH III         Kkl 2

Casper vom Matschenka       male                 IPO III             Kkl 2

Clover van de Jilles Hoeve    male                IPO I               No Korung

Jari von der Maineiche          male                 IPO III            Kkl

Ax von der Wannaer Hohen   male               Born 01-01-2018                   


With all the males (except Clover) I entered the bigger trials in the Netherlands also our Nationals.

With Casper I was participant at the WUSV Worldchampionship three times.

The best results with my dogs:

Two times winner of our regiumchampionship (1990 and 2009), Dutch Champion in 2001, winner WUSV selectiontrial in 2008 and 2009, best place at the WUSV Championship eleventh in 2008 USA Cincinatti.       

*Managements positions related to the dogsport

Club level

-Training supervisor off club Rijnmond 1982 / 1985

-President off club Rijnmond 1985 / 1991

-President off club Oude Maas 2004 / 2010


Regium level

-Member off the VDH General Meeting 1987 / 1990

-Training supervisor off our regium 1990 / 2000

National level

-Member off the technical committee VDH 1195 / 2007

- Member off the technical committee Dutch Kennel Club (FCI) 2008 / 2010

-Training supervisor VDH Netherlands 2010 till today

-Head coordinator of the WUSV WC 2017


-In the Netherlands since 1998

-SV Judge since 2005

In the Netherlands I judged of course a lot of clubtrials but also all the big championships and WUSV qualifiers.

Beside this I was very lucky with the possibility to  judge in a lot of foreign country's, Many big trials but also normal club trials.

My biggest event in judging was  off course the WUSV Worldchampionship 2013 and 2016 phase C.

                                                                                    Kind regards, Toine Jonkers




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